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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Utmost For His Highest : "Deserter Or Disciple?"


December 29, 2011


From that time many of His disciples went back, and
walked no more with Him.

John 6:66

When God gives a vision by His Spirit through His word of what He
wants, and your mind and soul thrill to it, if you do not walk in the
light of that vision, you will sink into servitude to a point of view
which Our Lord never had. Disobedience in mind to the heavenly vision
will make you a slave to points of view that are alien to Jesus
Christ. Do not look at someone else and say - Well, if he can have
those views and prosper, why cannot I? You have to walk in the light
of the vision that has been given to you and not compare yourself
with others or judge them, that is between them and God. When you
find that a point of view in which you have been delighting clashes
with the heavenly vision and you debate, certain things will begin to
develop in you - a sense of property and a sense of personal right,
things of which Jesus Christ made nothing. He was always against
these things as being the root of everything alien to Himself. "A
man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things that he
possesseth." If we do not recognize this, it is because we are
ignoring the undercurrent of Our Lord's teaching.

We are apt to lie back and bask in the memory of the wonderful
experience we have had. If there is one standard in the New Testament
revealed by the light of God and you do not come up to it, and do not
feel inclined to come up to it, that is the beginning of backsliding,
because it means your conscience does not answer to the truth. You
can never be the same after the unveiling of a truth. That moment
marks you for going on as a more true disciple of Jesus Christ or for
going back as a deserter.

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