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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Utmost For His Highest : "What To Concentrate On"

December 19, 2011

I came not to send peace, but a sword.
Matthew 10:34
Never be sympathetic with the soul whose case makes you come to the
conclusion that God is hard. God is more tender than we can conceive,
and every now and again He gives us the chance of being the rugged
one that He may be the tender One. If a man cannot get through to God
it is because there is a secret thing he does not intend to give up -
I will admit I have done wrong, but I no more intend to give up that
thing than fly. It is impossible to deal sympathetically with a case
like that: we have to get right deep down to the root until there is
antagonism and resentment against the message. People want the
blessing of God, but they will not stand the thing that goes straight
to the quick.
If God has had His way with you, your message as His servant is
merciless insistence on the one line, cut down to the very root,
otherwise there will be no healing. Drive home the message until
there is no possible refuge from its application. Begin to get at
people where they are until you get them to realize what they lack,
and then erect the standard of Jesus Christ for their lives - "We
never can be that." Then drive it home - "Jesus Christ says you
must." "But how can we be?" "You cannot, unless you have a new
Spirit." (Luke 11:13.)
There must be a sense of need before your message is of any use.
Thousands of people are happy without God in this world. If I was
happy and moral till Jesus came, why did He come? Because that kind
of happiness and peace is on a wrong level; Jesus Christ came to send
a sword through every peace that is not based on a personal
relationship to Himself.

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