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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Utmost For His Highest : "Isn't There Some Misunderstanding?"

March 28, 2012

Let us go into Judea. His disciples say unto Him ...
Goest Thou thither again?
John 11:7-8
I may not understand what Jesus Christ says, but it is dangerous to
say that therefore He was mistaken in what He said. It is never right
to think that my obedience to a word of God will bring dishonour to
Jesus. The only thing that will bring dishonour is not obeying Him.
To put my view of His honour in place of what He is plainly impelling
me to do is never right, although it may arise from a real desire to
prevent Him being put to open shame. I know when the proposition
comes from God because of its quiet persistence: When I have to weigh
the pros and cons, and doubt and debate come in, I am bringing in an
element that is not of God, and I come to the conclusion that the
suggestion was not a right one. Many of us are loyal to our notions
of Jesus Christ, but how many of us are loyal to Him? Loyalty to
Jesus means I have to step out where I do not see anything (cf. Matt.
14:29); loyalty to my notions means that I clear the ground first by
my intelligence. Faith is not intelligent understanding, faith is
deliberate commitment to a Person where I see no way.
Are you debating whether to take a step in faith in Jesus or to wait
until you can see how to do the thing yourself? Obey Him with glad
reckless joy. When He says something and you begin to debate, it is
because you have a conception of His honour which is not His honour.
Are you loyal to Jesus or loyal to your notion of Him? Are you loyal
to what He says, or are you trying to compromise with conceptions
which never came from Him? "Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it."

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