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Monday, April 16, 2012

My Utmost For His Highest : "Can You Come Down?"


April 16, 2012


While ye have light, believe in the light.

John 12:36

We all have moments when we feel better than our best, and we say -
"I feel fit for anything; if only I could be like this always!" We
are not meant to be. Those moments are moments of in sight which we
have to live up to when we do not feel like it. Many of us are no
good for this workaday world when there is no high hour. We must
bring our commonplace life up to the standard revealed in the high

Never allow a feeling which was stirred in you in the high hour to
evaporate. Don't put your mental feet on the mantelpiece and say -
"What a marvellous state of mind to be in!" Act immediately, do
something, if only because you would rather not do it. If in a prayer
meeting God has shown you something to do, don't say - "I'll do it";
do it! Take yourself by the scruff of the neck and shake off your
incarnate laziness. Laziness is always seen in cravings for the high
hour; we talk about working up to a time on the mount. We have to
learn to live in the grey day according to what we saw on the mount.

Don't cave in because you have been baffled once, get at it again.
Burn your bridges behind you, and stand committed to God by your own
act. Never revise your decisions, but see that you make your
decisions in the light of the high hour.

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