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Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Utmost For His Highest : "Moral Dominion"


April 12, 2012


Death hath no more dominion over Him ... in that He
liveth, He liveth unto God. Likewise reckon ye also
yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto

Romans 6:9-11

Co-Eternal Life. Eternal life was the life which Jesus Christ
exhibited on the human plane, and it is the same life, not a copy of
it, which is manifested in our mortal flesh when we are born of God.
Eternal life is not a gift from God, eternal life is the gift of God.
The energy and the power which was manifested in Jesus will be
manifested in us by the sheer sovereign grace of God when once we
have made the moral decision about sin.

"Ye shall receive the power of the Holy Ghost" - not power as a gift
from the Holy Ghost; the power is the Holy Ghost, not something which
He imparts. The life that was in Jesus is made ours by means of His
Cross when once we make the decision to be identified with Him. If it
is difficult to get right with God, it is because we will not decide
definitely about sin. Immediately we do decide, the full life of God
comes in. Jesus came to give us endless supplies of life: "that ye
might be filled with all the fulness of God." Eternal Life has
nothing to do with Time, it is the life which Jesus lived when He was
down here. The only source of Life is the Lord Jesus Christ.

The weakest saint can experience the power of the Deity of the Son of
God if once he is willing to "let go." Any strand of our own energy
will blur the life of Jesus. We have to keep letting go, and slowly
and surely the great full life of God will invade us in every part,
and men will take knowledge of us that we have been with Jesus.

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