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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Utmost For His Highest : "Those Borders Of Distrust"


April 4, 2012


Behold, the hour cometh ... that ye shall be scattered.

John 16:32

Jesus is not rebuking the disciples, their faith was real, but it was
disturbed; it was not at work in actual things. The disciples were
scattered to their own interests, alive to interests that never were
in Jesus Christ. After we have been perfectly related to God in
sanctification, our faith has to be worked out in actualities. We
shall be scattered, not into work, but into inner desolations and
made to know what internal death to God's blessings means. Are we
prepared for this? It is not that we choose it, but that God
engineers our circumstances so that we are brought there. Until we
have been through that experience, our faith is bolstered up by
feelings and by blessings. When once we get there, no matter where
God places us or what the inner desolations are, we can praise God
that all is well. That is faith being worked out in actualities.

". . . and shall leave Me alone." Have we left Jesus alone by the
scattering of His providence? Because we do not see God in our
circumstances? Darkness comes by the sovereignty of God. Are we
prepared to let God do as He likes with us - prepared to be separated
from conscious blessings? Until Jesus Christ is Lord, we all have
ends of our own to serve; our faith is real, but it is not permanent
yet. God is never in a hurry; if we wait, we shall see that God is
pointing out that we have not been interested in Himself but only in
His blessings. The sense of God's blessing is elemental.

"Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." Spiritual grit is what
we need.

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