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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Utmost For His Highest : "What You Will Get"


April 28, 2012


Thy life will I give thee for a prey in all places
whither thou goest.

Jeremiah 45:5

This is the unshakable secret of the Lord to those who trust Him - "I
will give thee thy life." What more does a man want than his life? It
is the essential thing. "Thy life for a prey" means that wherever you
may go, even if it is into hell, you will come out with your life,
nothing can harm it. So many of us are caught up in the shows of
things, not in the way of property and possessions, but of blessings.
All these have to go; but there is something grander that never can
go - the life that is "hid with Christ in God."

Are you prepared to let God take you into union with Himself, and pay
no more attention to what you call the great things? Are you prepared
to abandon entirely and let go? The test of abandonment is in
refusing to say - "Well, what about this?" Beware of suppositions.
Immediately you allow - What about this? - it means you have not
abandoned, you do not really trust God. Immediately you do abandon,
you think no more about what God is going to do. Abandon means to
refuse yourself the luxury of asking any questions. If you abandon
entirely to God, He says at once, "Thy life will I give thee for a
prey." The reason people are tired of life is because God has not
given them anything, they have not got their life as a prey. The way
to get out of that state is to abandon to God. When you do get
through to abandonment to God, you will be the most surprised and
delighted creature on earth; God has got you absolutely and has given
you your life. If you are not there, it is either because of
disobedience or a refusal to be simple enough.

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