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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Utmost For His Highest : "Insight Not Emotion"


May 1, 2012


I have to lead my life in faith, without seeing Him.

2 Corinthians 5:7

For a time we are conscious of God's attentions, then, when God
begins to use us in His enterprises, we take on a pathetic look and
talk of the trials and the difficulties, and all the time God is
trying to make us do our duty as obscure people. None of us would be
obscure spiritually if we could help it. Can we do our duty when God
has shut up heaven? Some of us always want to be illuminated saints
with golden babes and the flush of inspiration, and to have the
saints of God dealing with us all the time. A gilt-edged saint is no
good, he is abnormal, unfit for daily life, and altogether unlike
God. We are here as men and women, not as half-fledged angels, to do
the work of the world, and to do it with an infinitely greater power
to stand the turmoil because we have been born from above.

If we try to re-introduce the rare moments of inspiration, it is a
sign that it is not God we want. We are making a fetish of the
moments when God did come and speak, and insisting that He must do it
again; whereas what God wants us to do is to "walk by faith." How
many of us have laid ourselves by, as it were, and said - "I cannot
do any more until God appears to me." He never will, and without any
inspiration, without any sudden touch of God, we will have to get up.
Then comes the surprise - "Why, He was there all the time, and I
never knew it!" Never live for the rare moments, they are surprises.
God will give us touches of inspiration when He sees we are not in
danger of being led away by them. We must never make our moments of
inspiration our standard; our standard is our duty.

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