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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Utmost For His Highest : "Undisturbed Relationship"


May 29, 2012


At that day ye shall ask in My name ...

John 16:26,27,27&sr=1

"At that day ye shall ask in My name," i.e., in My nature. Not - "You
shall use My name as a magic word," but - "You will be so intimate
with Me that you will be one with Me." "That day" is not a day
hereafter, but a day meant for here and now. "The Father Himself
loveth you" - the union is so complete and absolute. Our Lord does
not mean that life will be free from external perplexities, but that
just as He knew the Father's heart and mind, so by the baptism of the
Holy Ghost He can lift us into the heavenly places where He can
reveal the counsels of God to us.

"Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in My name. . . ." "That day" is
a day of undisturbed relationship between God and the saint. Just as
Jesus stood unsullied in the presence of His Father, so by the mighty
efficacy of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, we can be lifted into that
relationship - "that they may be one, even as We are One."

"He will give it you." Jesus says that God will recognize our
prayers. What a challenge! By the Resurrection and Ascension power of
Jesus, by the sent-down Holy Ghost, we can be lifted into such a
relationship with the Father that we are at one with the perfect
sovereign will of God by our free choice even as Jesus was. In that
wonderful position, placed there by Jesus Christ, we can pray to God
in His name, in His nature, which is gifted to us by the Holy Ghost,
and Jesus says - "What soever ye shall ask the Father in My name, He
will give it you." - The sovereign character of Jesus Christ is
tested by His own statements.

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