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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Utmost For His Highest : "Do It Now"


June 30, 2012


Agree with thine adversary quickly.

Matthew 5:25

Jesus Christ is laying down this principle - Do what you know you
must do, now, and do it quickly; if you do not, the inevitable
process will begin to work and you will have to pay to the last
farthing in pain and agony and distress. God's laws are unalterable;
there is no escape from them. The teaching of Jesus goes straight to
the way we are made up.

To see that my adversary gives me my rights is natural; but Jesus
says that it is a matter of eternal and imperative importance to me
that I pay my adversary what I owe him. From our Lord's standpoint it
does not matter whether I am defrauded or not; what does matter is
that I do not defraud. Am I insisting on my rights, or am I paying
what I owe from Jesus Christ's standpoint?

Do the thing quickly, bring yourself to judgment now. In moral and
spiritual matters, you must do it at once; if you do not, the
inexorable process will begin to work. God is determined to have His
child as pure and clean and white as driven snow, and as long as
there is disobedience in any point of His teaching, He will prevent
none of the working of His spirit. Our insistence in proving that we
are right is nearly always an indication that there has been some
point of disobedience. No wonder the Spirit so strongly urges to keep
steadfastly in the light!

"Agree with thine adversary quickly." Have you suddenly turned a
corner in any relationship and found that you had anger in your
heart? Confess it quickly, quickly put it right before God, be
reconciled to that one - do it now.

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