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Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Utmost For His Highest : "Reconciling One's Self To The Fact Of Sin"


June 24, 2012


This is your hour, and the power of darkness."

Luke 22:53

It is not being reconciled to the fact of sin that produces all the
disasters in life. You may talk about the nobility of human nature,
but there is something in human nature which will laugh in the face
of every ideal you have. If you refuse to agree with the fact that
there is vice and self-seeking, something downright spiteful and
wrong in human beings, instead of reconciling yourself to it, when it
strikes your life, you will compromise with it and say it is of no
use to battle against it. Have you made allowance for this hour and
the power of darkness, or do you take a recognition of yourself that
misses out sin? In your bodily relationships and friendships do you
reconcile yourself to the fact of sin? If not, you will be caught
round the next corner and you will compromise with it. If you
reconcile yourself to the fact of sin, you will realize the danger at
once - Yes, I see what that would mean. The recognition of sin does
not destroy the basis of friendship; it establishes a mutual regard
for the fact that the basis of life is tragic. Always beware of an
estimate of life which does not recognize the fact that there is sin.

Jesus Christ never trusted human nature, yet He was never cynical,
never suspicious, because He trusted absolutely in what He could do
for human nature. The pure man or woman, not the innocent, is the
safeguarded man or woman. You are never safe with an innocent man or
woman. Men and women have no business to be innocent; God demands
that they be pure and virtuous. Innocence is the characteristic of a
child; it is a blameworthy thing for a man or woman not to be
reconciled to the fact of sin.

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