Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Fluffy Shih Tzu Prays Before Meal

Source: Smart Shih Tzu Prays With His Family Before Meal by ThessaPestano (via GodTube)

There's no doubt that our animals truly become part of the family. They are a special part of our lives that God placed on this Earth. Take our dogs, for example. These furry friends love us conditionally and there's truly a reason why they call them man's best friend. Some dogs even start to take on the traits and emotions of their humans. These amazing creatures are truly smarter than we ever give them credit for and God truly took extra time when he created them. That's exactly what is happening with this adorable Shih Tzu. Before this pup can enjoy a meal, he knows that he needs to bow his head and give thanks to the Lord. Just watch as he stands up on his hind legs and places his paws together. This Shih Tzu stands perfectly still as his owner prays over the meal and it's absolutely heartwarming to watch. It's obvious that this is a routine occurrence in the household and this pup knows just what to do. I can't believe they were able to train this sweet dog to pray. I know that if I tried to teach my dog this trick, he wouldn't sit still for 2 seconds. It truly goes to show the level of intelligence and emotion in this particular animal and the patience from his owner. What a sweet moment all caught on camera for the family to watch for years to come. Who else is in awe of this talented pup and his proper manners?

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