Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer for my family and I. Here are some of the areas we seek prayer in.

  1. Calm my nervousness so that I will be able to boldly pray and teach without stuttering and hesitation.
  2. House - Pray God provides the funds to pay down and ultimately pay off the mortgage. We have a $90,000 mortgage, that we are trusting God that we will be able to keep up the payments. Pray that our worries are calmed and that God provides the necessary funds. Please pray God provides to meet our monthly obligations.
  3. God's grace and mercy
  4. God's Wisdom as I write and teach His Biblical principles for personal finances.
  5. Finances so that we can blog and minister full-time.  (Satan is really attacking us in this area)
  6. Continue to live within our means so that savings grow so that we can begin to "live like no one else (debt free). "
  7. God's hand of protection (health, finances, etc)
  8. God's bountiful blessings
  9. Wife's Health My wife, Pat, is dealing with some medical conditions, please pray as she continues going for testing as they look at some tumors to get a better idea of what they are looking at. She has also been told that she is in the early stages of Osteoporosis (Osteopenia range). Pray for her healing, in a way that will give testimony to God. 
  10. URGENT:  We are behind on some payments, please pray God provides the funds to get caught up and perhaps even pay off some of these debts.  
  11. Increased Income - Kevin has worked a full-time job, but his hours were cut and now he is struggling to pay the monthly obligations. Pray that God provides the resources to get caught up and to keep up with those bills. 

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