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Thursday, August 9, 2018

My Utmost for HIS Highest: Prayer In The Father’s Hearing

August 9 Daily Devotional
Prayer In The Father’s Hearing
Father, I thank Thee that Thou hast heard Me.  John 11:41
When the Son of God prays, He has only one consciousness, and that consciousness is of His Father. God always hears the prayers of His Son, and if the Son of God is formed in me the Father will always hear my prayers. I have to see that the Son of God is manifested in my mortal flesh. “Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost,” the “Bethlehem” of the Son of God. Is the Son of God getting His chance in me? Is the direct simplicity of the life of God’s Son being worked out exactly as it was worked out in His historic life? When I come in contact with the occurrences of life as an ordinary human being, is the prayer of God’s Eternal Son to His Father being prayed in me? “In that day ye shall ask in My name…” (RV). What day? The day when the Holy Ghost has come to me and made me effectually one with my Lord.
Is the Lord Jesus Christ being abundantly satisfied in your life or have you got a spiritual “strut” on? Never let common sense obtrude and push the Son of God on one side. Common sense is a gift which God gave to human nature, but common sense is not the gift of His Son. Supernatural sense is the gift of His Son; never enthrone common sense. The Son detects the Father; common sense never yet detected the Father and never will. Our ordinary wits never worship God unless they are transfigured by the indwelling Son of God. We have to see that this mortal flesh is kept in perfect subjection to Him and that He works through it moment by moment. Are we living in such human dependence upon Jesus Christ that His life is being “manifested in our mortal flesh” (RV)? From My Utmost for His Highest Classic Edition
Bible in One Year: Psalms 77-78; Romans 10
Both nations and individuals have tried Christianity and abandoned it because it has been found too difficult, but no man has ever gone through the crisis of deliberately making Jesus Lord and found Him to be a failure.
from The Love of God—The Making of a Christian, 680 R
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